COVID-19 Protocols


All events hosted by Rocky Mountain Show Jumping (RMSJ) will comply with applicable federal, provincial and local regulations, requirements and orders as well as WHO recommendations and Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines as they relate to mass gatherings, recreational facilities and sporting events.

Additionally, RMSJ will implement Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) and other pertinent sanctioning-body requirements and practices for mitigating risk related to COVID-19 exposure and transmission.

All equestrian community participants (boarders, exhibitor, trainer, parent, groom, veterinarian, farrier, etc.), staff (including licensed officials and volunteers), as well as service providers (vendors, food providers, etc.) MUST provide:

  1. Execute an RMSJ Waiver and Release of Liability as a condition of participation.
  2. Execute an RMSJ Health and Wellness Self-Declaration Form as a condition of participation.

How we will protect YOU

  • RMSJ Rapid Response Plan
  • Model and monitor social distancing.
  • Employ full-time COVID-19 Officers whose job are to monitor, educate and enforce measures aimed at minimizing risk of transmission of this communicable disease.
  • Perform daily temperature monitoring of all event staff, volunteers and service providers prior to admitting onto the property.
  • Require all persons not mounted to wear a face mask. During all events at RMSJ MASKS are mandatory unless mounted on a horse. This includes the warm-up ring, all barn areas and holding areas. Please keep your mask with you at all times and put on prior to dismounting. 
  • Refuse entry onto the property of any persons who present with symptoms of COVID-19 and/or have had potential or actual exposure to COVID-19 in the two-week period preceding the competition.
  • Thorough and frequent cleaning of all commonly touched surfaces and items (gates, handles, etc.).
  • Provide sanitizing stations/equipment throughout the venue.
  • Post reminders about safe distancing, minimizing transmission, and COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Time and schedule all competition rides so that trainers and competitors are exposed to as few others as possible.
  • RMSJ will ensure that there are no “pinch points” where individuals leaving the event must pass by those entering.

How you will protect OTHERS

  • Refrain from coming onto the property if you are unwell or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days (excludes health workers wearing proper personal protective equipment), see RMSJ Rapid Response Plan.
  • Self-monitor your temperature daily to ensure you are asymptomatic prior to entering our facility.
  • Practice social distancing at all times while on the property.
  • Refrain from sharing items such as lunge lines, whips, etc.
  • Minimize your time on the property; be present only when necessary to prepare for or compete, or to care for your horse(s).
  • Wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution frequently.
  • Arrive on time for your scheduled competition rides.
  • Bring your own water for personal consumption.

How will these change impact the SHOW?


  • All entries and payments will be completed online by riders in advance of the event date using
  • Only complete entries packages – including all pertinent information, waivers and class selection, plus payment – will be accepted.
  • List of registered participants (riders and coaches) will be proof of eligible entry at check-in points onto the property; anyone not on these lists or not cited as the Person Responsible (parent, guardian, etc.) will not be able to enter the property.
  • Time slots will be allocated upon close of entries for competition purposes.
  • Limited number of persons permitted in the show office at any given time.
  • Scratches will be done through


  • No public spectators.


  • No more 10 individuals will be allowed in any ring at any given time.
  • Mounting blocks are to be used to avoid one-on-one contact between riders and grooms/assistants.
  • Warm up Rings will be limited to 2 people (on the ground) per jump.
  • Practice fences will be 2m apart.
  • Horses will be limited in the warm up. Avoid walking closely side by side another rider in any ring or on the grounds.


  • Course Maps will be available to view through the RMSJ APP (free to download) to avoid congestion at the Course Board.
  • There will be no ‘riding for ribbons’, victory gallops or in-ring presentation of awards. Except for the winner of each specialty class.


  • Class results will be posted online. Ribbons will be available for pick up at the show office.


  • Stabling will be limited in order to manage concentration of horses and people.
  • All on-site horses to be tacked/untacked in individual stalls vs. aisles.
  • All personnel in the stabling areas MUST comply with all best practices and guidelines in effect at the competition. Masks must be warn in the stabling area.
  • Trainers are encouraged to consider having riders meet their horses at the event or schooling areas or other pre-designated area to further limit contact in the stabling area.
  • Every effort will be made to separate barns. Please avoid visiting others stabling areas other than your own.