Connolly’s Red Mills Now Available in Canada

For Immediate Release:
September 17, 2018

Rocky Mountain Show Jumpingis pleased to announce at this time an exciting new partnership with Connolly’s RED MILLS of Ireland. Nestled in the scenic farm country of County Kilkenny in South-East Ireland, Connolly’s RED MILLShas been the home of the Connolly family business since 1908. Red Mills is one of the most trusted global names within the areas of high performance animal feed, pet food and agri products.

Today The RED MILLSbrand is available in 73 countries around the world, and they continue to build on their reputation for converting fresh, natural ingredients into the most trusted feed for peak performance right around the world.

Rocky Mountain Show Jumpingwill be wholesaling in Western Canada and will be supplying riders at Spruce Meadows and to customers based in Canada, and working together with Equus Integral to supply the high performance equestrians in Eastern Canada.

The first shipment of feed arrived in Calgary just a month ago. The team at RMSJhaving made the switch to RED MILLSis already reaping the benefits and noticing the difference in their horses.

“I am definitely noticing the difference in my horses after making the switch.” says John Anderson, President of Rocky Mountain Show Jumping. “I am impressed with the variety of products available with RED MILLS. They have a feed to suit the needs of a wide variety of horses” adds John. “I was pleasantly surprised at just how many International riders who competed at the Spruce Meadows Masters last week asked us to deliver RED MILLSto them. When the best in the world are feeding RED MILLS, it speaks volumes. I know we’ve made the Right Choice!”

Words from Connolly’s RED MILLS … “Wherever You Go We Go”

Connolly’sRED MILLSfeeds are widely available in the USA, with partner feed dealers located all along the east coast from New York to Florida and now we are delighted to confirm that we have a new distributor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

For anyone looking to transition their horses on to any of the Connolly’s RED MILLSproducts or is looking for advice, our team of nutritional experts are available to support and offer guidance.

RED MILLS rider Daniel Bluman said; ““For me working with the RED MILLSteam is about trust. I know that no matter where in the world my horses are that they can remain on a consistent, quality diet that has been scientifically designed to deliver results for the high-performance horse. It gives me great assurance knowing that Connolly’s RED MILLS can supply the exact same quality products all over the world. Thanks to their innovation packaging, I know that every bag of RED MILLSfeed that I open is as fresh, safe and nutritious as the day that it was made at the home of RED MILLSin Goresbridge, Ireland.”

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Current Products Available in Canada

Feed Brochure!

Competition 10 Mix

  • Low protein performance feed (textured mix)
  • Oat free formulation
  • Ideal for horses in work that are sensitive to an oat based diet

Competition 12 Mix

  • Medium protein competition feed (textured mix)
  • Includes oats in the formulation
  • Ideal for horses in work that need additional energy

Competition 14 Mix

  • High protein competition feed (textured mix)
  • Includes oats in the formulation
  • Ideal for horses in work that need additional energy

Conditioning 14 Pellets

  • High fibre, high oil pellet
  • Ideal for horses in work that are sensitive to grain
  • Ideal for excitable horses and horses that are hard to condition

Hi Fibre Bran Mash

  • High fibre, high oil bran mash preparation
  • Oat free formulation
  • Contains full spec vitamins and minerals
  • Ideal for horses requiring a bran mash – daily, post work, during travel/competition