In-Gate Personality Pedro Cebulka Headed to RMSJ

Original Article by Horse Sport | May 7, 2012

The world’s most famous in-gate personality is coming to Anderson Ranch. The management of Rocky Mountain Show Jumping has announced that Pedro Cebulka will be joining them for their featured tournament in 2012, the Rocky Mountain Classic II, on the calendar for August 15-19. Known around the world for his charismatic outfits and jolly personality, Pedro will be helping celebrate the 15th anniversary in true Rocky Mountain style.

Pedro will be returning from London, concluding his job as head ringmaster for the 2012 London Olympic games, and in this the Olympic year, RMSJ will celebrate his return by hosting the Rocky Mountain Classic “British Style.” For the entire week, the tournament will take on a British theme, and to recognize the efforts of their exhibitors, division champions for the two weeks of tournaments will be presented with special Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals with podium presentations made by the one and only Pedro.

If any rider had been to as many major competitions as the one and only Pedro, they would surely be recognized as one of the best. Pedro’s resume of tournaments and events worked is truly remarkable. He has been the ringmaster for Jumping, Dressage and Eventing at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the Sydney Olympics in 2000, Athens in 2004, Hong Kong in 2008, and will welcome riders of the world at this summer’s Olympic Games in London. The Pan American Games in 1999, 2003 and most recently in 2011, The World Equestrian Games in 1998, 2002 and in Lexington in 2010 are also major events he has worked. Five World Cup finals in Vegas, as well as Milan, Kuala Lampur, Geneva and Leipzig can also be added to Pedro’s resume.
Along with these major Championships, Pedro has worked major tournaments around the world like Caracas, Syracuse, Wellington, Tampa, Brussels, Sao Paulo, Qatar, Sydney, Monterey, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro to name a few, and this summer he will make the journey to Anderson Ranch!

“I have known Pedro for many years now, and was chatting about him a short while back with my father. He suggested that I ask him to do one of our tournaments to celebrate some of these times, and I was elated that he answered yes when I asked him,” said John Anderson, president of Rocky Mountain Show. “I remember growing up when he did some work with my parents helping build this venue back in the day, and I always remember how funny he was, and still is to this day. He is exactly what Rocky Mountain Show Jumping is all about. Lots of good clean fun!” added John. “We are so excited to be having him add some of his charisma to our tournaments, our exhibitors are going to love him.”

“Years ago, I remember spending many a night at my friend Robert Burns’ house who worked for the Andersons. He lived at what they still call the Little House on the Prairie, or the L.H.O.P. J.C, John’s father would stop in on his way home from work and have a beer or two with us and tell us about his day downtown,” remembered Pedro. “He told me it was fine to hang my hat there, but I would have to do a bit of work in return for the accommodation. A year or so later, we completed miles of fencing that was made with telephone poles and drilling pipe that still stands on Anderson Ranch and will probably still stand for many years to come,” laughed Pedro. “It was a ton of work! I will always remember my time with the Andersons, who were nicknamed the “A” Team for many years as their successes in the show ring were incredible as an entire family. John has been working very hard in building Rocky Mountain Show Jumping into a great place, and when he asked me to work the tournament, I told him I would be honoured and I can’t wait.”

Pedro promises to share some of his fantastic stories and photos of his experience at the London Olympics with all of the competitors during what is sure to be some great fun filled evenings on the deck at Goby’s Grill in the late summer days of August in the great Alberta sunshine with a nice cold Big Rock Beer!

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